Selected Stories:

Selected Essays:

  • “Is It Still Possible to Satirize America?”  (LitHub)
  • “A Short Meditation on the Whiteness of David Foster Wallace’s Writing” (The International David Foster Wallace Society)
  • “The Meaning of the Mechanics” (Central American Review)
  • “On Tennis and Aging and Roger Federer” (Medium)
  • “Focus on Terrence Malick” (Paste Part 1 2 3 4)
  • “Lech Majewski: Reaching Beyond The Gallery” (Paste)
  • Twin Peaks Review: The Complete Series” (Paste)
  • “An In-Depth Look at Game Movies” Parts 1-6 (
  • “Unglued: The Avatar Effect” (Paste)
  • “50 Cent Timeline, 2005-2008” (Paste)

Selected Interviews:

Salute Your Shorts – Film Column:

  • Stanley Kubrick’s Documentaries (Paste)
  • Michelangelo Antonioni’s First Films (Paste)
  • Dan harmon’s Channel 101 Shows (Paste)

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Book Reviews:

  • Abbott Awaits by Chris Bachelder (Paste)
  • One Hundred and Forty Five Stories in a Small Box by Dave Eggers, Sarah Manguso, Deb Olin Unferth (Paste)
  • Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine (Paste)
  • Shadows of the Sun by Alexander Parsons (New Mexico Magazine)

Film/TV Reviews:

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